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Expanding our reach with new experiences in TV and podcast, while revisiting past radio adventures with amazing guests like Lynn Ferguson.


Dr. G

Dr. Howard Gluss

Dr. Howard Gluss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Psy21522), and Founder of Daraknot Health: Concierge Mental Health Care. He is also an executive coach, speaker, author, psychotherapist and former radio talk show host.


In the media Dr. Gluss has been broadcasting in the U.S. since 2006. Dr. G: Engaging Minds - The Podcast brings insightful conversations with experts and thought leaders to look at our world from a “deeper, more psychological point of view.”
Engaging Minds the TV show (BEOND.TV and KDOC-TV), which began on KABC–AM790 radio, shares the journeys of extraordinary people who have overcome their addiction struggles to create a life driven by passion. Dr. G shares mental health “touch points” on social media with Walk To Work with Dr. G, and psychoanalysis of TV and film content with Dr. G: Entertainment.

Dr. G is a popular speaker, giving talks about addiction, obesity and disease, and is also a moderator for health and entertainment panels.

Dr. G


Dr. G: Engaging Minds

Engaging Minds returns to the airwaves as a podcast with Dr. G! Our host is excited to share the mic once again with provocative  experts in mental health, medicine, business and entertainment. Join Dr. G as he looks at our world from a deeper, more psychological perspective.

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Ep 5 Evelyn Higgins
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Dr. G: Engaging Minds

Dr. G: Engaging Minds is a television talk show streaming on BEOND.TV, broadcasting on KDOC–TV and available on the KSL–TV app. Dr. G explores the journeys of extraordinary people who have struggled with addiction, and transformed their lives into something powerful.



Connecting with people

Dr. G is available to speak on a wide variety of topics including Mental Health, Business Psychodynamics, Entertainment, Addiction Recovery, Obesity, LGBTQ+ Issues, and Surviving Success.




Engaging Minds on KABC - AM790

Dr. G began broadcasting his live radio show  in Los Angeles on KABC - AM790 in 2017. Engaging Minds ran through March 2020 sharing conversations with celebrities, health experts and thought leaders about how we think, what we think, and, most importantly, why we think a certain way.

Click below to download archives of your favorite interviews. 

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Transforming lives

Dr. G is a renowned therapist and coach.  He offers one-on-one personal transformation solutions through Daraknot Health: Wellness Programs for when times are hard. 





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